A Book Character You Would Like to Meet


Growing up, there was always a book in my hand. Don’t miss understand me, I did have friends, I just loved to be transported back to the past, or into the future through the magic of words. I was always a mystery/thriller book enthusiast. Oh sure, I would read just about anything, including some of those naughty books that if my parents ever found out, I’d have been peeling potatoes for dinner every night until Hell froze over.

I’ve read everything from Jules Verne to James Patterson and I must say, I am a more well rounded person now for doing just that. It’s funny actually because now when I watch CSI or other crime shows, I can usually figure out “who did it” way before the ending comes. Always I thought, hey, I could be a mystery writer. I  soon found out how wrong I was when I actually tried writing a mystery novel once and gave up after developing a severe case of writer’s block after the first two paragraphs.

I’ve had several favorite characters that I would either have liked to have been, or would have liked to meet. It’s funny really, I always pictured myself as the female version of Sherlock Holmes. In my head, I would be called Sherletta Holmes. I couldn’t wait to read these books as I always wanted to see if I could find out who the killer was before Sherlock.

My favorite character, and the one I would most like to meet however, would be Alex Cross from the James Patterson books. He, in my mind, was the greatest detective who ever lived. He didn’t have that cocky attitude like, “I’m the best”, just pick me and I’m sure you’ll find your killer. Alex, like all of us, was an actual Human being with faults and flaws. That, for me, is what always made him my favorite character, I could see myself in him.

Today, I still am a voracious reader as I’m guessing a lot of you are also. I would love to hear what your favorite book character was/is and also some of your favorite books. I always love a good recommendation and I’ll look forward to your responses.


2 thoughts on “A Book Character You Would Like to Meet

  1. I love the Alex Cross books but I think I’d like to meet Spenser from the Robert B. Parker novels. He doesn’t seem as serious as other detectives, though he always gets the job done.

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