A Day in The Life of Barf, my Dog


Now before you go all, “What the kind of name is Barf”, let me explain.  My daughter and I saw this half starved wolfhound at the SPCA. He was soooooooo sad looking, (you know what I mean, staring right through you with those big sad eyes saying “take me, take me”), and he started to um, toss his cookies right in front of us.

Well. there was absolutely no way we could let this poor little horse of a dog suffer further, so, we asked the lady at the shelter if we could adopt him. She said sure, but, he had to be checked out by the vet first because he was an abandoned dog and looked like he hadn’t eaten in weeks.

We waited until the next day while the vet checked him over, they called, and gave us the green light to pick him up. We got him home, showed him his nice king size bed, (OK, I might be exaggerating a bit here), gave him something to eat and then let him search our home out for wild bunnies and other assorted dog hating varmints.

In the mean time, my daughter and I had to decide on a name for him. Well, you can guess, the first thing that came to my mind was him up-chucking  at the SPCA, and so his name was born. OK, I must admit it may have not been the best name but it did seem to suite him based on my thinking anyway.

The story is set now so let me give you a list of Barf’s daily routine:

Wakes up  yawns, and then checks to see if I am up yet.

If I’m not up, he gets me up with his nose against my face while whining.

I let him out and he pees like he is eliminating all the water accumulated during the great flood.

He comes in, I give him some lovin’ and then he wants to eat. Now considering he is just slightly smaller than a Shetland pony, this dog can put away some food.

I give him some more attention, and then it’s time for his morning nap.

I go to work and my daughter to school while Barf remains asleep on his bed,  (my couch), until my daughter gets home from school.

She feeds him his bag of dogfood, plays with him and then once again lets him out where he drops several tons of grass growing material.

He comes in and of course now it’s time for his midday nap.

I get home, he practically knocks me over, licks me until he is sure I’m clean, and then again, he wants to play.

I play with him until he wears me out, (it doesn’t take that long), I cook dinner while he takes his early evening nap and catches up on his beauty sleep.

Finally I sit down, and guess who is on my lap? No, not my daughter, Barf. Realize that Barf is close to 80 lbs and thus the entire lower half of my body falls asleep in about 10 minutes.

11:00 PM, I get him off my lap, fall off the chair, (as I no longer have feeling in my lower half), and then finally go to bed. Barf of course is now in his bed and is peacefully snoring away.



6 thoughts on “A Day in The Life of Barf, my Dog

  1. Loved this! That is a perfect schedule and similar to my own pooch (who is the size of Barf’s head), in terms of actual daily goal setting and achievement.
    I must counter with one possible correction ‘she feeds him his bag of dog food…’ – by bag did you actually mean ‘trough?!’ Which is what makes you extra special because it cannot be easy re-homing such large lovelies, particularly because the cost of feeding them is similar to a small Caribbean islands GDP. So bless your little (big) heart.

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