Does Size Really Matter


Before I start, let me just say that honestly, it’s not the size of the penis, it’s the technique that is used. I know I’m going to get a lot of flak on this one but it’s true, size doesn’t matter.

I can hear some women out there now saying, “Jen, you crazy bitch, the bigger the better.” To that I would say, “It’s painful if it’s bigger than 7 inches.” Again, I hear the rumblings, but if you think about it, who wants to have a dip stick being rammed up to your belly button?

Guy’s, I can see you in the background looking down at the dip sticks and thinking, phewwwww.  Here’s the thing, the important part is that X marks the spot. In this case of course I am talking about our beloved G spot. Did I lose anybody, good?

Usually a 5-7 inch little bugger is just fine in finding our little bit of heaven if you are in the correct sexual position. What is the correct sexual position then you might ask? Well, there are several schools of thought on that one.

Everyone of course is different and will experience different feelings based on their own bodies. In my experience, even if your partner has one of those needle dicks, the best ways are as follows:

  1. 1.      Woman laying on top with your legs between his, all the while grinding your lady bits into his pelvic area. This will help with both clitoral and G spot arousal.


  1. 2.      While bending over on your knees, let him enter you from behind. Many times, this seems to give maximum stimulation.


  1. 3.      A third way is to have him lie on the bed, or, table, or, desk, and you get on top of him and just ridem cowgirl. Yeeee Haaaa! Again, this will let you stimulate your own desires by moving yourself around his joy stick.


So guys, relax, it doesn’t matter that you’re not built like a stallion. Just find a way that is most comfortable and pleasurable for both of you and rock each other all night long. So long.




4 thoughts on “Does Size Really Matter

  1. no one can deny the importance of “how you use it” and that over 7 inches can be painful and annoying.
    But ask your heart ladies… any thing less than 6 inches seems too tiny
    you cannot ignore the psychological satisfaction the sight of a beautiful 7 inches cock gives you can you…..??

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