Regrets, Should We Just Move On or Keep Them in Our Heads



I just finished reading a blog  about regrets . The message given is that we should forget our regrets, and just move on with our lives. The thinking is that since we cannot change our past, we should just learn from our mistakes and move on.

While this is a clever word play for wall plaques, it’s not always that simple. When we do something that we know is wrong, and has the possibility of hurting others, we should keep this error of our ways in the forefront of our memories.

I believe if we associate guilt, remorse, or even pain with these memories, we will be more inclined to react differently in future actions. I think we accomplish nothing by forgetting these past transgressions and moving on. It is the feeling associated within us as Human Beings to remember these past events and act in a more responsible way in the future.

Case in point, I recently wrote a blog which I thought was not sexually offensive, but more of an educational nature. Now, because of that, I did not mark it as an adult setting. I should have. I wasn’t thinking about under age adults, or other folks reading this that may have been offended, or made to feel uncomfortable.

By just forgetting about this mistake, what have I learned, nothing, unless I correct it. Luckily, I felt remorse about this and as such, I will associate that remorse the next time I write something of that nature. I believe that in order to truly learn by your mistakes, you must make this association.

This of course is just my opinion. I would be glad to know how you weigh in on this. Let me know.


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