What Makes Us Sexy?

In today’s society, pretty much everything is driven by sex. Think about it, clothing styles, marketing, cars, and even certain kinds of food are considered sexy to eat. Society demands us to be sexy also, so, what exactly is sexy, and what makes us that way?

Is it the way we look, or, how we dress that gives us this air of sexiness? Is it the perfume we wear or the cologne? Yes, yes, and yes, but, only to some degree. There are women and men out there who have none of these things and are still considered very sexy.

Take Keith Richards from the Rolling Stones for example, physically attractive—ahhh, no, yet women go gah gah over him at every concert he does. Even today, at seventy one years old, he is still receiving panties during his concerts, although, they are usually Depends now.

How about Angelica Houston, or Barbara Streisand, both are average looking women, yet, they still are considered to be sexy as Hell. So, what is it that gives us that air of sexiness, two words, self-confidence? Sure, it doesn’t hurt to look like Fabio or Amy Adams; or have the millions of dollars of others, but, when it comes down to it, it’s the self-confidence within us, and how we use that confidence which creates that sexy image.

Can anyone be sexy, sure, but you have to own that feeling and believe in it. If you think you’re sexy, you feel sexy, when you feel sexy, you become sexy. It’s a process, but the more you work at it, the more it will become a reality. Think it, feel it, and become it.



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