Sexy Tuesday Poetry


Shades of eve fall across a sun depressed sky while love has filled the air.

The scent of Lilac fills night’s breath as lovers gather to descend upon its sweet and hypnotic nectar.

Stars fill the sky and illuminate passions fire while the Nightingale sings love’s sweet song.

Alone now, silence, once the only sound to grace Night’s ear, is replaced by Love’s trumpeting call.

Two combine as one, and the Earth trembles as Lust’s thunder shakes the flesh of our mortal core.

Sounds of exhilaration fill the depths of loneliness, and replace the deafening silence with the exuberance of mirth.

We are joined, united once more,

 And the heartbreak of despair, is forever banished by the power of love.


Eternal Peace


For the People on Board Flight MH370
Like many of you, I read the news today about the tragedy of flight MH370. My heart aches so, for their families and friends, and I needed to express myself in poem form regarding their departed loved ones.



Oh gentle souls, be not afraid of the darkness which has come to envelope you.

Your lives have enriched many of whom you’ve touched.

The love you have shared shall live on, and the good you have done shall be interred within your bones.

Join now with the Light, feel the peace of His hand, and be forever be one within His heart.

May God Bless and keep you in his love forever.


Come Hither My Bleeding Heart



Come hither my bleeding heart,

Let me sooth your wounds with words of love.

Forget the crushing hurt that has befallen you,

And allow these gentle words to heal your soul.


Neither man nor woman can repair your ravaged faith,

Only loves touch, may once again strengthen your bold resolve.

Reach for that strength,

And forever, shall you once again be whole.