Sexy Tuesday Poetry


Shades of eve fall across a sun depressed sky while love has filled the air.

The scent of Lilac fills night’s breath as lovers gather to descend upon its sweet and hypnotic nectar.

Stars fill the sky and illuminate passions fire while the Nightingale sings love’s sweet song.

Alone now, silence, once the only sound to grace Night’s ear, is replaced by Love’s trumpeting call.

Two combine as one, and the Earth trembles as Lust’s thunder shakes the flesh of our mortal core.

Sounds of exhilaration fill the depths of loneliness, and replace the deafening silence with the exuberance of mirth.

We are joined, united once more,

 And the heartbreak of despair, is forever banished by the power of love.


Five Sex Tips for Maximum Pleasure


It seems as though everybody you read seems to have sex tips these days, well, I am no different. Let me give you some of my tips that should definitely spice up you sex life. I have found that there are many ways to have good sex, here are five of my favorite.

1. Different Places— Have you’ve heard of steak in the grass, well, how about sex in the grass? Yup, having sex in a secluded place in a wooded area is great for enhancing that little extra spark. Feel the grass flow around your body and I guarantee you that the sparks will fly. Now, it doesn’t have to be in the grass, that was just a suggestion. The point is, have it someplace other than the usual place you have it; you will thank me later, really.

2. Keep Your Panties on—Ohhhh yeah; there is nothing more exciting than to have your partner start feeling you on the outside of your panties first, the feeling is phenomenal. Then when he/she moves to the underside, Oh Mamma, come and get me, I’m yours.

3. A Nice Massage First—This is an age old secret but believe me, it works. Nothing better than getting a nice soothing and relaxing rub with some perfumed oils to really get those hormones jiving. This is an old Tantric form of sex that has been used and appreciated through-out the ages so why knock it, try it.

4. Watching Each other Touch Yourselves—This one is a must for unbelievable sex. Both men and women enjoy watching the other feel their own bodies. OK, sometimes this may take a little getting used to but once you start, there is no going back. Watching each other is extremely sexy and will really rev both of you up.

5. Take it Slow—This one is a must, foreplay, foreplay, foreplay. Touch each other with a slow hand all over your bodies. Try feeling softly behind his/her ears, the underside of his/her arms and legs, feel the feet, take all the time in the world. I guarantee you, the by doing this, you will drive him/her into a frenzy and all the rest will be just pure candy.

There are many, many more but these are my favorites. Try them out and enjoy some of the best sex you’ve ever had.




What Makes Us Sexy?

In today’s society, pretty much everything is driven by sex. Think about it, clothing styles, marketing, cars, and even certain kinds of food are considered sexy to eat. Society demands us to be sexy also, so, what exactly is sexy, and what makes us that way?

Is it the way we look, or, how we dress that gives us this air of sexiness? Is it the perfume we wear or the cologne? Yes, yes, and yes, but, only to some degree. There are women and men out there who have none of these things and are still considered very sexy.

Take Keith Richards from the Rolling Stones for example, physically attractive—ahhh, no, yet women go gah gah over him at every concert he does. Even today, at seventy one years old, he is still receiving panties during his concerts, although, they are usually Depends now.

How about Angelica Houston, or Barbara Streisand, both are average looking women, yet, they still are considered to be sexy as Hell. So, what is it that gives us that air of sexiness, two words, self-confidence? Sure, it doesn’t hurt to look like Fabio or Amy Adams; or have the millions of dollars of others, but, when it comes down to it, it’s the self-confidence within us, and how we use that confidence which creates that sexy image.

Can anyone be sexy, sure, but you have to own that feeling and believe in it. If you think you’re sexy, you feel sexy, when you feel sexy, you become sexy. It’s a process, but the more you work at it, the more it will become a reality. Think it, feel it, and become it.


Does Size Really Matter


Before I start, let me just say that honestly, it’s not the size of the penis, it’s the technique that is used. I know I’m going to get a lot of flak on this one but it’s true, size doesn’t matter.

I can hear some women out there now saying, “Jen, you crazy bitch, the bigger the better.” To that I would say, “It’s painful if it’s bigger than 7 inches.” Again, I hear the rumblings, but if you think about it, who wants to have a dip stick being rammed up to your belly button?

Guy’s, I can see you in the background looking down at the dip sticks and thinking, phewwwww.  Here’s the thing, the important part is that X marks the spot. In this case of course I am talking about our beloved G spot. Did I lose anybody, good?

Usually a 5-7 inch little bugger is just fine in finding our little bit of heaven if you are in the correct sexual position. What is the correct sexual position then you might ask? Well, there are several schools of thought on that one.

Everyone of course is different and will experience different feelings based on their own bodies. In my experience, even if your partner has one of those needle dicks, the best ways are as follows:

  1. 1.      Woman laying on top with your legs between his, all the while grinding your lady bits into his pelvic area. This will help with both clitoral and G spot arousal.


  1. 2.      While bending over on your knees, let him enter you from behind. Many times, this seems to give maximum stimulation.


  1. 3.      A third way is to have him lie on the bed, or, table, or, desk, and you get on top of him and just ridem cowgirl. Yeeee Haaaa! Again, this will let you stimulate your own desires by moving yourself around his joy stick.


So guys, relax, it doesn’t matter that you’re not built like a stallion. Just find a way that is most comfortable and pleasurable for both of you and rock each other all night long. So long.



Want More Sex in Your Life, Do This



How many of you out there reading this would like to have more sex? Hmmm, I heard a lot of guys and women go, “Hell yeah!” The sad truth of it is, today, more than 50% of the population is having sex less than 10 times a year. Of course, those countries such as China and India are trying to make up for the others but as yet haven’t succeeded.

It’s true, sex has been put on the farthest burner there is, the main reason, time. Our world today is no longer the simple hard working life like our ancestors had; today it’s work all day, take the kids to hockey, dance, football, recitals, then make dinner, wash the dishes, get the kids to bed etc. etc. etc. Let’s face it, we’re pooped!!!!!!!!!!!

By the time we get into bed, the only thing we want to do is collapse. So how can we correct this? Well, I’m glad you asked, otherwise I wouldn’t have a post for today. The answer lies within three key elements:

  1. 1.      Make time


  1. 2.      Healthy eating


3    Re-create that spark you once had


 Making time–I realize that the first one, is a tough one, but, believe me, it is well worth it. If this means you have to schedule your love time for the morning, lunchtime, or the weekends, then so be it. You will find that by planning your love making, you will have something to look forward to and you shouldn’t be as tired.

Healthy eating–This is a problem many of us have. Did you know that each extra 10 lbs. we gain actually slows down out metabolism and makes us logy? Obviously, the more over weight we are, the more inclined we will be to handle the remote as opposed to other things. Try and eat healthy, lose some weight if you need to and you will be surprised at how much more energy you’ll have.

Re-create that spark—The longer we are together, the more stale and uninteresting our love lives become. Re-light that flame again, send notes in your significant other’s lunch, have a regular date night with dinner and a movie or dancing, sext each other, (always was my favorite), and last but not least, talk to each other.

If you do these things, you will find that you will be having more sex than rabbits during heat. Now, start and live happily forever.









Five Words That Will Make Your Man Listen


Women, believe it or not, your man isn’t listening to everything you say. I know you started smiling as you were reading this because we all know that men have selected hearing. Now to all of you guys that may be reading this, I’m not dissing you, it’s just the way it is.

It’s true, as women, we like to talk a lot and we also do a great job at listening, it’s in our DNA make up. Men are more single focused creatures and science proves it.  Now, that is not to say that men don’t hear us, they do, they just don’t always pay attention to each and every word we say. It’s a guy thing.

  • I’m here today to give you ladies a little advice on how to have your counter parts become more word focused friendly. Here is what you do. Guys have certain things that they will pay attention to, these include:


  •  Sex
  • Sports
  • Alcoholic beverages
  • Their vanity
  • Food

Anytime one of these items in a phrase, you can rest assure that he will pay completely attention. For example:

  1. 1.     “Let’s go out dancing, there will be alcohol there.
  1. 2.     “I hear the show tonight at the art gallery is serving food.
  1. 3.     “If you play your cards right, there will be sex in your future after the Ballet.
  1. 4.     “Baby, will you clean the kitchen tonight, you can watch football afterwards.
  1. 5.      “I love how great you look in your suit; do you think I look fat in this new dress?


OK, that last one will actually never be answered because if he is smart, he knows there is really no right answer here. These can be applied to anything your little heart desires though, just make sure that if you promise something, you deliver the goods. I hope this helps you. Good luck.