Sexy Tuesday Poetry


Shades of eve fall across a sun depressed sky while love has filled the air.

The scent of Lilac fills night’s breath as lovers gather to descend upon its sweet and hypnotic nectar.

Stars fill the sky and illuminate passions fire while the Nightingale sings love’s sweet song.

Alone now, silence, once the only sound to grace Night’s ear, is replaced by Love’s trumpeting call.

Two combine as one, and the Earth trembles as Lust’s thunder shakes the flesh of our mortal core.

Sounds of exhilaration fill the depths of loneliness, and replace the deafening silence with the exuberance of mirth.

We are joined, united once more,

 And the heartbreak of despair, is forever banished by the power of love.


Sexy Tuesday


I very seldom ever write poetry; however, after reading some sensual material, I thought I would give it a go. I hope you like it. This is my first attempt.


Come to me my love; take me gently into your capable hands.

Lay your hands upon my face, and kiss me with gentle regard.

Whisper love’s sweet words, and fill my head with the scent of your burning lust.

Slowly, and sensually, remove my garments; kiss my body with a passion’s fire.

Take me; consume me, like you’re ravenous for my loins.


Fill me with your love, and forever hold me tight.