20 Things I’d like to Share about Myself so You Can Get to Know Me Better


I Love to dance–Salsa is my favorite.

My favorite color is purple

I am very organized

My favorite condiment is mustard

I have a 12 year old daughter who I love more than life

I have a degree in business–But I work in Retail–:(

I’m a single mom– The dad decided he didn’t want to have a baby and split

I’m scared to death of roaches and ants

I play the clarinet but not that well

Chinese food is my favorite with Italian as a close second

I love anything that is funny and will “try” to write some funny stuff later on

I don’t smoke and just drink on the weekends

I love to people watch

I love all different styles and periods of music

I am a Chatty Cathy–There, you were warned. Hahaha

I am a Non-Denominational Christian–I don’t write or talk about Religion however
I am a pretty fair seamstress

Kindness, caring, and giving have always been the back bone of my philosophy

I am a dreamer with many dreams I hope to bring to fruition

I seem to be everybody’s social worker, it’s a gift I have. If you need advice, help, or just someone to listen to you, I’m your girl.

Boy, this was a lot harder that I expected it to be. I would also be interested in hearing about you if you wanna share with me. Feel free to just jump on in, the writings fine.


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